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To be the leader in providing technology based platforms on sustainable, religious eco tourism, whilst we serve the cause with grace and deliver soulful benefits for each client@iUmrah.world.


Provide on time and eco friendly alternative to umrah pilgrimage. Deliver real time experience at home, multiply blessings, in line with need of our global clients.

Trillion Trees Go Green

creating employment opportunities globally @ iUmrah.world we support trillion trees on planet earth “Indeed I will make upon earth a successive authority” The future of reforestation is here…Go Green

Feel Blessed

Our inspiration is to provide global Muslims with a reliable, affordable, “Umrah on Demand” service. Outsourcing it to indigenous people of Mecca as per the United Nations Worlds Tourism Organisation Code of Ethics and the Bethlehem Declaration of 2015 based on “Umrah Outsourcing Concept”.

Umrah app key features

Login: Follow simple steps…

Book: Provide the name of the person.

Pay: We accept major credit cards.

Track: Live Map tracking, to enhance your spiritual experience.

Video: Watch Live video of all the key umrah steps and live the moment.

Rating: Rate your Badal’s on their service delivery.

Loyalty Program: Share your referral code and start earning now!

Umrah facts

Cleanses soul from all past sins
Protection against poverty
Best deed in pleasing Allah
Performing it guarantees Heaven

Feel Blessed

Perform iUmrah from any place in the world based on

Umrah Badal Concept


No Visa, No Travel,
easy process
same blessings


We deliver
perfect & seamless
iUmrah experience


Watch your iUmrah
video stream, ON-Demand,anywhere, anytime

Low cost

Affordable cost
effective way to
perform iUmrah

Go green

Reduce carbon foot print,
support “Trillion trees” ,
on planet earth

Anyone in Saudi Arabia can register and become iUmrah Badal. Check out our amazing features:

Login: Follow simple steps…

Face verification: Take a photo from your camera. Its always recommend to perform one umrah using our platform to test this amazing concept and we might request you for a sample umrah.

Accept Umrah Tasks: Our platform is programmed with the most advanced artificial intelligence,those maintaining a high ratings will be given preference.We don’t want you to miss this holy experience leave your app on and be on standby.

Perform Tasks: Perform Umrah Badal for our global family in need. Follow the steps,as the customer and our cloud platforms monitors you and indulge everyone into this amazing journey.

Complete Tasks: Once you have completed the tasks, your signature is a key requirement. Don’t forget that video stream is part of this and tick off all the tasks. One by one as usual.

Rate Customer: You too will rate our customers!

Track your income: We provide you with opportunity. May your life be filled with happiness!


Umrah al badal goes Uber

A UAE start-up is going Uber with umrah al badal.
As a technology solution, iUmrah.world, launched in June last year, is designed to connect people who want to perform umrah al badal with people in Mecca registered on the site as badals.

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Every year, more than 15 million Muslims make their way to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform various Islamic religious rituals. In 2017, the city hosted 2 million pilgrims from all over the world during Hajj season alone.

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iUmrah, the site that allows you to make a pilgrimage without moving

Yes, that’s what in any case says the site that wants to be revolutionary by this new concept.

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Earn USD 51 by planting 51 trees required to offset our spiritual carbon footprint, fill-up the form and drop the pin on a land you own!